Main consumers:

JSC GPF "Accent"

JSC "Trud" Gomel

SOOO "Stetskevich-Spetsodezhda"

JSC "Makeymarketsistem"

SOOO "Neman Alloy"

JSC "Legpromrazvitiye"

JSC "Uniforma"

JSC "Rembay Group"

JSC "Iskvar-Optium"

RUP "Belarusian Prosthetic and Orthopedic Center"

PE "Yurana"

JSC "Zhetisu"

UAB "Visinga"

JSC ShOPO "Artsakh"

MNM LLP "Darkhan"

"Semipalatinsk shoe factory"

Main suppliers of raw hides:

JSC Minsk Meat-processing Plant

JSC Gomel Meat-processing Plant

JSC Kalinkovichsky Meat-processing Plant

JSC AFPK Zhlobinsky myasokombinat

JSC Pinsky Meat-processing Plant

JSC Grodno Meat-processing Plant

JSC Slonimsky Meat-processing Plant

JSC Oshmyansky Meat-processing Plant


Agricultural production cooperatives of the Grodno region

enterprises of system of the Grodno, Brest, Vitebsk regional consumer union

Mains uppliers of chemical materials:

JSC Grodno-Azot, RB

JSC Krasnoselskstroymaterials, RB

JSC Belaruskali, RB

JSC Himimport, RB

JSC Soldrek, RB

"the ecochemical XXI century", Russian Federation

JSC "Novokhrom", Russian Federation

"Hollindija", Poland

JSC Akridis, Russian Federation

JSC Dubitel, Russian Federation

The republican unitary enterprise «Grodno industrial tanning association» is a part of tanning and shoe branch of the Belorussian state concern on manufacture and realization of the goods of light industry "Bellegprom". According to the historical inquiry the first mentions of skinnery in Grodno begin to the beginning of 1900th years. It was in a private property at different owners.

In 1939y. After reunion of the Western Belarus with BSSR the skinnery has been nationalized and functioned till June, 22nd 1941y. During fascist occupation manufacture of leather proceeded under control of the German authorities. After clearing of Grodno of German aggressors, on the basis of the Decision of Council of National Commissioners BSSR №514 from July, 7th 1944y. And Decisions of SNK BSSR №649 from October, 5th 1944y. The factory was a part of system Belkozhobuvtresta of the National Commissariat of light industry BSSR and has started industrial activity.

The order of Light Industry Ministry BSSR from 03.08.1988y. №159 Grodno skinnery has been transformed to the Grodno industrial tanning association. In 1993y. The enterprise is included in concern "Bellegprom" structure, and in 2001y. It is renamed into the republican unitary enterprise.

RUE «Grodno production tanning association»

230029 Grodno, Zernova str. 3, Belarus, +375 152 721533, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On balance of association consist 2 social objects - a health centre and a dining room.


РУП the "Grodno production leather association" is the eldest enterprise of leather industry of business concern "Bellegprom" and operates already more than 100 years. An enterprise occupies territory by an area 2,78he.

The basic products produced by an enterprise are natural skins of the different qualities:

- blinders-saddle leather for bags, straps, shallow haberdashery wares;

- yuft leather for working shoes;

- leather for the bottom of shoe for orthopaedic purposes;

- chromic leather for the top of shoe; - chromic leather for lining of shoe;

- chromic leather for gloves and mittens;

- haberdashery leather for production of haberdashery wares, covers for books and notebooks, pictures;

- intermediate tanned leather "Wet-Blue".

An enterprise realize it products of the industrial-use purposes in Republic of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Italy, Kazakhstan and in other.

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